Design Studio Practice

The job:

This work is for a university module that entailed me learning how to freelance. The client for this work was my cousin and her skin care business, the task was to revamp the branding and expand her reach.



Logo design

Print design


After concluding my research into how the client advertised their brand, as well as researching the ways in which brands in similar markets advertise themselves, I chose to refine the colour palette of the brand. Moving away from a predominantly green look to black and using green as an accent instead. The black gave things a more premium feel with the green accent preserving hints at the natural benefits associated with skin care. The client also had no clear logo identity before making it harder for them to concisely maintain a brand. I provided them with numerous styles before settling on serif initials that kept a feeling of legacy in the brand which would help them feel more trusted. With the majority of the client’s advertising being done online, mainly on Instagram, I felt there was space for a physical piece there too, creating a business card that they could use to expand the methods that they used to gain new clients.

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