Glow Studio Design Competition 2021

The job

Glow Studio hosted a design competition where young designers were tasked with creating a poster and a social media graphic for a charity of their choosing. I chose to create my work around ‘Ocean Generation’ as the charity’s mission go preserving our oceans is something that resonates with me as I think it’s important to leave the world a better place for future generations.





I won the competition with my entry for ‘Ocean Generation’ receiving feedback that the design was “on-brand, clear and effective”. The designs I made were made with a strict colour palette that I created from researching the way in which ‘Ocean Generation’ have branded themselves to keep things in touch with the brand. I wanted to keep things simple and concise so stuck with adding a tagline and a brief outline of the charity’s missions with an image of plastic littering a beach line to present the issue the charity was aiming to resolve.

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