Lost in Design

The job

Lost in Design was the brand created as part of a group project for university where we were tasked with branding ourselves and creating a group exhibition.





As a group we created an identity based on the idea of getting lost in our work and celebrating our differences in how we approach our work. We created our logo from a Tangram arranged in different shapes to represent each of us individually with a square featuring the type ‘Lost In Design’ to unify them as one brand identity. Our invitations for the show would come in one of five different colours, again to represent the individual personalities coming together to form the exhibition.
I was in charge of creating the merchandise for our brand, as well as mocking up the products for our show. I created the design work for our ‘look book’, bags and T-shirts. I also designed the interior pages for our show book that detailed some pieces of work that each of us were proud of and gave some details about each project.

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