Screen Design

The job

For this university project we had to learn about UX design processes and create an app experience that was focussed around connecting students.


UX design



Figuring out the shortcomings when it came to the provided facilities for like-minded people to meet each other I decided I would work on an app around something from my own experiences. The app I created was intended to connect people who enjoy playing video games and are looking to connect and play with others who share the same interests. Users would be able to add games that they own to their account, as well as adding a tag to their profile to show others which games console they play on so that people can more easily identify who they can connect with. Modelling the app around existing services like Reddit, users would be able to create public posts under forums made for specific games that people could then find and comment on, choosing to reach out to the post creator directly through private messages if they so wished. I tested the app with people around the university during creation to make sure I was including the right features and that the app was easy to understand and use.

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